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Vision 21 Resource Page customers can always rely on our products to be 100% compliant with current and future TXDOT requirements.

Vision 21 information about dealer control numbers, user names, and passwords from TXDOT:


STEP ONE-GET CONTROL NUMBER.  By now all dealers and converters should have received a letter with a control number to register their e-mail address in order to receive a password and user name.

If a licensee has not received a control number for each license (P#) number the company holds, they should e-mail the MVD help desk at: [email protected].  In the subject line insert “no control number received”.  The business name and license number must be included in the e-mail.

STEP TWO-REGISTER E-MAIL ADDRESS. Once the licensee receives the letter with the control number, the licensee should designate one trusted person in their business to be a system administrator. The system administrator will be the contact between TxDOT and the business entity.  The administrator will be responsible for setting up the rights and privileges of other people within the business regarding use of the Vision 21 functions. Have this person go to the link listed in the control number letter and enter their first and last name and business email address.  It is necessary that we have a person and email address designated for each license number that is issued to a licensee.  The same person may be designated for each license if you wish, but it is necessary for that person to enter their email address for each license at the website. 

STEP THREE-READ e-TAG RULES. To see the new rules on e-Tags, go to the MVD homepage at and print out the “Instructions for new e-Tag Law”.  This document gives you important changes about handling e-Tags which you need to become familiar with.  If you would rather watch a video, there is also one at the same location entitled “New Dealer e-Tag Video” which is the similar to the presentation given at the Dealer Training Seminar.

STEP FOUR-RECEIVE PASSWORD AND USER NAME.  Some time after you have registered your e-mail address (anywhere from 2-6 weeks depending on when you register) you will receive your user name in one e-mail then in a second and separate e-mail, you will receive your password.

STEP FIVE-ACCESS DATABASE.  Go to and click on “Vehicle Dealer Services” under the Business Column.  This will take you to the MVD homepage where you will find the “e-Tag Database” under the heading of “Dealer e-Tags”.  You should bookmark this page so you can get back to it easily.