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September 16, 2008

After weeks of review by TxDot’s Motor Vehicle Division, U.S. Temp Tag, LLC is pleased to announce that our service has been approved. Our dealer/clients can continue to use the service provided through for printing the new temporary tags generated by the Vision 21 e-tag data base.
Below is the text of the email transmission from Bill Harbeson Managing Attorney, Enforcement Section, Motor Vehicle Division, Texas Department of Transportation granting the approval:

Letter from TXDOT regarding U.S. Temp Tag:

Mr. Soape, based on your assurances that USTEMPTAG cannot gain access to the
dealer's confidential Vision 21 credentials (User ID and Password) and my
review of documents printed by USTEMPTAG using the information obtained from
Vision 21, I have no objection to your clients using USTEMPTAG to produce
the temporary tags and required additional documents (Notice to Buyers and
receipts). You have agreed that the "Notice to Buyer" document will be a
separate document, not printed on the reverse side of the temporary buyers
tag, and will be in the same form and have the same content as the Notice to
Buyer document printed directly from Vision 21. R/ WPH

William P. Harbeson
Managing Attorney, Enforcement Section
Motor Vehicle Division
Texas Department of Transportation
PO Box 2293
Austin, Texas 78768

U.S. Temp Tag, LLC has been the leader in electronic temp tag production and has served over 600 of Texas’ largest dealerships. With our latest revision, now approved by TxDot, our dealer/clients can continue to benefit from our user friendly, fast and efficient application which includes the proprietary development of incorporating dealer marketing products with the TxDot mandated e-tag.

Although the Texas MVD and VTR have not yet scheduled an interface enhancement, our technology development team has created the proper dynamics within to facilitate the transfer of data to Vision 21 without the need of an interface. U.S. Temp Tag, LLC does not store Vision 21 usernames and passwords and all data printed on our newly designed tag format is derived directly from the Vision 21 e-tag data base.

Temporary tag data, along with both the dealer copy and buyer’s copy of the e-tag receipts are combined on one page for the most efficient print application. The “Notice to Buyer” document is pre-printed on the reverse side of each tag for additional assurance that the buyer has received the required copy of this notice. To conform to the request of the MVD and because this document is generic and not vehicle specific, additional copies of the “Notice to Buyer” are made available on our web pages and can be easily printed off in any quantity the dealership may desire.

Attached to this email are sample images of our printed tag format as well as our latest marketing product designed specifically to generate additional sales for each dealership. As always, our system monitors tag production and generates automatic shipments which work to prevent stores from depleting tag supplies at the most critical times. The tag material supplied is 65# card cover stock which includes a 2mil sealable poly bag.

The leadership and staff of U.S. Temp Tag, LLC would like to extend our greatest appreciation and thanks to all of our dealer/clients. With your continued patronage and the commitment of our company, U.S. Temp Tag, LLC will remain the leader in electronic temporary tag production.
We stand proudly with the security and knowledge of having our very special service approved for dealer use by the Texas Department of Transportation, Motor Vehicle Division.

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